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At Glasscock Motors, we understand that it's more than a tractor; it's a symbol of our heritage, our way of life. Often it's an heirloom, a cherished piece of family history, something that Dad or Granddad bought new and brought home to the farm with the swell of pride only he could understand. We recognize and respect that and will treat your tractor accordingly. 

Our farming heritage is worth preserving and that's where we can help. We've been restoring tractors for over 23 years, with over 300 tractors completed. We take pride in what we do and pay close attention to detail. We want to restore your tractor to its original glory, the way it looked when it was new. 

I take pride in what I do so give me a call if I can help, or just have a question. I really enjoy talking with folks about their tractors. George Glasscock (217) 752 6885 anytime​


We would like to thank God for all of the members of 
our military who have chosen to sacrifice for this great nation.”

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