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My family and I want to send our deepest thanks to those that have served or are currently serving this great country of ours in its armed services. I have many friends that are veterans or are currently serving, that my family and I are so very thankful for. We understand that freedom requires some of our very best to put on this nations uniform with the understanding that they may be placed into harms way. The dedication to do this is remarkable to all of my family and we just want to say God Bless to all of you. I want to give a special mention to my Army chopper pilot on his umpteenth deployment, God Speed Michael, your tractor is in good hands.

Having been born and raised in a small rural community in Central Illinois I've 
always had an interest in old tractors. My first tractor was an M farmall, just like my grandpa's. I soon graduated up to a 3020 John Deere that had belonged to a neighbor, which I bought at his retirement. Neither of which I was wise enough to keep.

I learned the business of paint and bodywork from my father. He owned and operated a Ford automobile dealership and I worked in the body shop. Out of respect to him I've kept the family business name, and for thirty plus years I've been doing paint and bodywork. 

In 1989 a friend asked me to paint his A John Deere, I did and I found I really enjoyed it. So I combined my long time interest of tractors with my many years of professional auto body and paint work to establish my tractor painting and restoration service. I've been doing it ever since.  With everything from 8N ford's to 4000 John Deere's, Hart Parr's to SMD Farmall's. I have the experience to do the job for you. Quality is in the detail and I pride myself with detail. With my background in professional paint work I know the correct materials to use for that "just rolled off the assembly line " look. So please, feel free to give us a call and let us know how we can help. I can arrange references for you also.

If pick up and delivery is something you might need we'll try to help there as well. Currently we're not doing any major mechanical overhauls but I can help with those arrangements if your project needs it.

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